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Almennt verð 8.900 ISK
Almennt verð Útsöluverð 8.900 ISK
Útsala Uppselt!
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Did you know that our sense of smell holds the key to our most cherished memories?

Craft your personal scented candle infused with the essence of Iceland, ensuring that the memories of your journey on this beautiful island follow you home.

Join us and Create your Scented Candle

🕯️ Introduction talk led by our candle making expert, unveiling the secrets of scent creation.

🌿 Choose from a selection of authentic Icelandic scents to infuse into your candle.

🏷️ Personalize your creation with a custom-designed label, adding a personal touch to your candle.

☕ Break with complimentary coffee and Icelandic Handmade Chocolate.

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